Our dear client:

1. Safa Bank will never request any information through email or SMS, therefore, please do not respond to such messages and inform the Bank immediately in case you receive similar emails or SMS messages.

2. Your passcodes are your personal property, you are the only one who should know these numbers. The Bank’s employees will never ask you for these codes under any circumstances.

3. When accessing Safa Bank online services website, make sure that you insert the full link address as following: (http://safabank.ps), and do not access the site through other websites leading you to the online services website.

4. Make sure that the lock icon appears of the address bar, and click on the lock icon to check the website’s address.

5. Make sure that you always use “Logout” option from the main menu before closing your browser whenever you wish to leave the system.

6. In case you suspect that your security data is unsafe, please call us immediately on the number 02/2941333 so we can take the necessary actions.

7. Safa Bank is not responsible for any loss resulting from your disclosure of any of your private information, such as your username, your passcode and/or your card number, and/or due to not following the safety procedures while using your online account such as accessing it through your email and/or not using the “Logout” option to exist the system.


Important Warning:

Our dear Client,,

We would like to inform you that Safa Bank’s policy guarantees protection of your private and confidential banking information, therefore, the Bank will never ask you about any personal, banking, or confidential information, such as your account number or passcode through email, SMS messages or phone calls. In case you receive such inquiries, please ignore them and do not offer any data, and inform your branch immediately to take the necessary actions. Safa Bank is not responsible for any loss resulting from your lack of commitment to the aforementioned.

Thank you